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Rev. APS. Francis was born and brought up in Andhra Pradesh in South India. His father belongs to a strong  Hindu family which used to worship idols in a village. His Father got married to a woman from a nominal  Christian Family. And led a very simple life with less peace. Suddenly there was a storm in The Family and they had to face lot of physical Disaster, financial loss and mental stress because of  witchcrafts and they began to search many ways to get relief from all these things,  But no deliverance. Finally a servant of God visited their house and shared the gospel with them and prayed for the family. His prayers brought great deliverance to their family. This was the turning point that led them to surrender their lives to God. In  1991, they obeyed the Lord in water baptism. Once he accepted Jesus Christ as his  Savior, his new life exemplified II Corinthians 5:17, ’Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away; behold all things are become new’. He began his new life by testifying what God had done for him. Rev. Francis answered God’s call to full time ministry in 1993. He joined The India  Campus Crusade for Christ. And then on his ministry started by sharing the gospel  and screening the Jesus film in the villages. Through this many people accepted Jesus as their personal savior. Then joined the Elida Bible College in Coimbatore from 1994 to 1996. God anointed him with a healing and deliverance ministry, and using him mightily all over World. His vision to extend the  compassion of Jesus Christ to the world by evangelism, church planting, training to the native leaders,  conducting medical camps and start orphanages. On December 13, 2001, God united Miss. Beena, with Pastor. Rev. Francis who is a great support in his life and Ministry. God has also blessed Pastor .Francis God has also blessed Pastor Francis and Sister Beena with a son, Joshua. As a family, they continue to fulfill God’s call on their lives through a deliverance and Prophetic ministry throughout the world.
Sister Beena was born and brought up in a nominal Christian family in Kerala in South India. Her father is a Govt employee in the KSRTC. A great disaster struck the family. Her father had (survival disc prolapse) by which he lost the ability to move his right  hand. The family was badly affected with financial loss and Peace. The sought doctors but there was no hope and deliverance. Sis Beena was very young and was studying for Bsc . So she doesn’t know what to do for the family, so she thought to end up her life. That time she heard the voice God. Which had a drastic change and decided not to end her life .After a week a servant of god came to their house and shared the  word and prayed for their family. He gave a Bible Then she started to read the word of God and Holy spirit revealed according to Acts:2:38,John 4:24.they started to go to a spiritual church. Where there was the sharing of word and prayer which made her father get back to health and normal life. God this was the turning point that led them to surrender their lives to God. In 1997, she obeyed the Lord in water baptism at the age of 18. God called her for full time ministry Isaiah-49:15 According to this word in 1998.God anointed her with a deliverance and Prophetic ministries, amongst women, Conventions, Fasting prayer s I and churches all over the World.
Sis. Beena Francis Rev. APS. Francis
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